Sharoth's application..

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Sharoth's application..

Post  Sharoth on Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:17 am

Country: Poland
Age: 19
English skills: Good enough, I suppose Smile

Character: Sharoth
Armory link:

(2nd spec's gear visible there)
Class/Spec: Druid. Feral dps and restoration
Days played: 19 days 23 hours.....make that 20 days playtime.
Raiding experience: None.
Previous Guild and reason for leaving: Tick Tick Tick Boom. It is/was just a 3 person (+alts) guild... It was fine while i was still leveling, but now I guess I need something more than that Smile
Anyone you know from guild? Mostly Abashii, although I believe I was in heroics with some other people too.

Whats your usual skill rotation in a raid environment?

Well, since I never raided before....
I guess it'll be more or less the same as if I attacked heroic bosses:
Stealth -> Ravage, Mangle, Savage Roar, Faerie Fire.
After that I'd keep up Rake, Mangle, 5-point Rip on the target and Savage Roar on myself, while Shredding if i have spare energy...
Also using Tiger's Fury on recharge, as long as i have 30 or less energy when casting.
Berserk when I feel the need to.

When it comes to healing.. I guess i'm still experimenting while playing heroics, but I'd keep Regrowth and Rejuvenation on the tank, adding Lifebloom if needed [either cast once and let it wear off, or cast three times, each right before the previous wear off, then let it wear off]... Nourish as a main tank heal, Wild Growth for multiple targets to heal near each other and Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch as an emergency heal...
Oh, Swiftmend somewhere in there too... probably more like as an emergency heal too.... Aight, i know it's confusing, but hey, i'm just learning the fine art of keeping members alive Smile

When you're dirty dancing with Heigan the Unclean, who are you hugging?
Guess i'd be hugging the first experienced player i see

What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of your class?
Strength? Over time effects, both DoTs and HoTs....maybe the latter even more than the former.

Weakness...hmm... Being able to spec into either melee dps, ranged dps, healer or tank means I'll never be as good as a 'pure' class, i guess.

Do you like soup?
Who doesn't Smile


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Post  Tâsmar on Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:33 pm

Exclamation Took Sharoth for a dps test today Exclamation

Few things to say about him:

- He listens and discusses spec with care. He doesnt just shut from advice.

- He has shit gear. (Compared to us lot ofcourse.)

- On a single target dummy in Ironforge (??) Boss standard he does 2878.9

Friend of Abashii and I like him already.

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Re: Sharoth's application..

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:36 pm

mad vouches from me, nice guy and knows his stuff feral wise.

Not sure about the resto rotation but he's applying as feral main so that can be worked on at a later date!

Welcome to the guild!


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Re: Sharoth's application..

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